Gift Certificate Information Gift Certificates are the perfect gift for that special person. Gift Certificates allow that special person to choose exactly what they want from our entire selection of gourmet items. No wrong choices, no disappointments, a Gift Certifcate is one gift that will be appreciated anytime, everytime, and never needs to be returned. And each Gift Certificate will include a special message from you. Order a Gift Certificate and be assured that your gift will always be well received by those who love fine foods and the better things in life.
Our Gift Certificates are a modern gift for that special person when delivery time is important. Ideal for that last minute purchase, or for a long distance gift, or for even for something "different". Our Gift Certificates are emailed within hours of payment.
Frequently Asked Questions
1. How do I redeem my Gift Certificate?
Redeeming a Gift Certificate is easy. During the checkout process, you can apply a Gift Certificate to your order by going to the Payment Section and selecting payment by Gift Certificate. Enter the individual Gift Certificate number and the unique Gift Certificate redemption code in the Payment Section. That's it!
2. What happens if the value of my gift certificate is more than total amount of my order?
We keep track of each gift certificate in a seperate running account. If you spend less than the total value of the certificate on one purchase, the remaining balance of the gift certificate will be available the next time you wish to make a purchase.
3. What happens if the value of my gift certificate is less than the total amount of my order?
If you spend more than the total value of the certificate in one order, you will be asked to provide a credit card or other payment method for the remaining balance of the order.
4. What is the time limit to redeem my gift certificate?
There is no time limit on redeeming a gift certificate nor on using the remaing balance on a gift certificate.
5. What happens if I misplace my Gift Certificate?
Contact our customer service department and we will resend the certificate to the recipient email address originally specified for the certificate.