Cheese Curler for Tete de Moine

Picture of cheese curler for tete de moine
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This cheese curler, or Girolle as the Swiss call it, is a wonderful tool that allows you to slice super thin curls off the surface of the Tete de Moine cheese. It will be a great feature when you have a party of just with you family and friends. The thin curls reveal the full flavor of Tete de Moine cheese.

The Cheese Curler has a beechwood base with a vertical rod, upon which a blade is mounted. You spike the cheese though the rod and start curling. You can also use the Cheese Curler for the P'tit Basque or even to make chocolate curls.

If you have some cheese left over, take the cheese off the rod, wrap the cheese in cheese paper of wax paper and keep it in the fridge, clean the curler (board and knife) - do not place curler and cheese in the fridge as the wooden board may warp. Not dishwasher safe.