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Gourmet Cheese needs to be treated like any other highly perishable product – and that means proper handling and storage. Most cheeses have a relatively short shelf life. Only whole wheels of cheese can be kept longer, but once a wheel is cut into wedges or pieces, the cheese is much more vulnerable and susceptible to rapid deterioration. This cheese paper is specifically designed to keep cheese fresh and delicious; 2-ply cheese paper simulates the cheese cave environment.

Careful handling and proper storage can mean the difference between eating vibrant and delicious cheese or dead 'over the hill' cheese. This 2-ply cheese paper maintains proper humidity and allows adequate oxygen exchange to keep cheese alive and tasty. It has a print of the United States featuring 13 small cheese producers.

Each pack contains 15, 11x14 sheets, and adhesive labels to keep track of the cheese name, producer, milk type, and region of origin of the cheese.