Le Guillotin Cheese Slicer

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Approx. Weight: 1 lbs. 6 oz.
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Lee's Fast Facts

The Guillotin is specially developed to cut very thin slices of Reypenaer and Reypenaer VSOP at the table, but it cuts many other hard cheeses as well. Thin slices of this special Dutch Gouda cheese will give you a perfect way to allow the cheese to melt on your tongue and experience all facets of the complex and delicious flavors.

The Le Guillotin comes with a cutting board and a knife that locks into a special clamp in the corner of the board. This provides leverage and allows you to make consistent, thin cuts through hard cheeses and rind.

A great gift for a friend or family member. Serve it with your dessert cheeses and it makes for a great conversation.