Aged Gouda Cheese Collection

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Gouda is a crowd-favorite cheese, and for good reason. The flavor range develops drastically as the cheese matures, allowing everyone to find a gouda they enjoy. Year-aged gouda has a caramel flavor with a firm, fudgy paste. In contrast, two-year-aged gouda develops butterscotch-like notes and a firm paste. The differences among these goudas make for a great conversation and opportunities to identify the subtle nuances between them.

Our Aged Gouda Cheese Assortment includes:

Old Rotterdam - aged for approximately 10 months and released when the cheese has reached perfection in flavor and texture. This cheese is hard, salty, and has that classic aged gouda crunchy texture.
Prima Donna Cheese - An Italian Parmesan inspired aged gouda.
Old Amsterdam - This buttery-smooth cheese has notes of butterscotch and caramel. You can't go wrong with the 2012 winner of 'Best Dutch Cheese.'
Reypenaer VSOP - A two-year-aged cheese that develops a deep caramel flavor and crunchy crystals as it matures. Pair this sweet cheese with dark porter ale.

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