Aged to Perfection Cheese Assortment

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Many believe cheese happened by mistake around the time sheep became domesticated, and it is a much-appreciated mistake that has blessed centuries past and present. Travelers would store their milk in the stomach lining of ruminant animals during their trek in the summer months. The hot weather and rennet (an enzyme found in a ruminant animal's stomach lining) naturally curdled the milk, becoming cheese as we know it today. As there was no refrigeration, cheese prevented the spoilage of good milk. To extend the life of their cheeses, they were aged to prepare for the months when food was in short supply. In addition to being a convenient way to use excess milk, these aged cheeses were delicious and hearty.

To celebrate aged cheese and all it represents, we bring you this Aged to Perfection Cheese Assortment. It features 5 kinds of aged cheese for your enjoyment. As cheese ages, the flavors become more complex. The caramel and nutty notes become more pronounced, and the paste develops a firmer texture with a delightful crunch of tyrosine crystals.

Reypenaer VSOP Cheese 4.7 oz. – An aged gouda at its best. Aged with care in The Netherlands for 2 years.
Manchego 8 months old 8 oz. – Talk about a Spanish classic! This cheese incorporates pasteurized sheep's milk and ages naturally for three months. Despite its short aging process, this buttery cheese has the flavor of a well-matured cheese.
Cave-Aged Emmentaler 8 oz. – This might be the best Swiss cheese you'll ever taste. The dynamic flavor is created during the careful aging process. A wonderfully firm and chewy texture is dotted with tiny crystals from aging.
Parmigiano Reggiano 7 oz. – The king of cheese. Made with the utmost care with ancient recipes and aged 1-2 years. Hard and granular, full of crunchy crystals from aging.
Black Creek 3 Year Cheddar 7 oz. – A cheddar aged 3 years to develop maximum bite. It is nice and sharp with a full flavor.

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