American Blue Cheese Board

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Each of these award-winning cheeses gets made in the United States. Their variations in color, sharpness, and flavor help illustrate American blue cheese history. This is a wonderful gift for someone who loves blue cheese. 

Original Blue - This balanced blue cheese has a milder flavor, perfect for those new to the traditionally pungent cheese. Use this award-winning cheese as a table cheese or topping for salads. (6 oz.)
Maytag Blue Cheese - This Iowa-made cheese is dense with a crumbly texture. Every bite of Maytag melts your mouth, leaving behind a flavor of lemon. (4 oz.)
Buttermilk Blue - Cheesemakers at Roth Kase combine raw milk, a secret blend of cultures, and roughly two months of aging to create this classic cheese. This buttery cheese is fantastic alone or alongside figs. (4 oz.)
Smokey Blue - The Oregon-made cheese is the first smoked blue cheese. Its flavors of caramel and hazelnut balances the sharpness of blue cheese. (8 oz.)

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