Autumn Cheese Trio

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Classic Camembert harmonizes beautifully with a Cranberry Wensleydale, Oregon Blue, and caramelized walnuts to create a balanced and impressive cheese board. Sweet, salty, tangy, earthy, creamy and crunchy - all the essential flavors are represented in this elegant collection.

Our Autumn Cheese Trio contains the following:
Camembert Le Conquerant – a soft-ripened disc of pudgy, creamy and complex goodness. Salty and satisfying with notes of mushrooms and green vegetables.
Wensleydale with Cranberries – a U.K. favorite, dappled with dried cranberries. Tangy, sweet and festive.
Oregon Blue– Rogue Creamery's original blue cheese, modeled after French Roquefort. This version is made with cow's milk - an all-around great blue.
Caramelized Walnuts– A one plus one is 3 situation: walnuts and a little sugar have evolved into something slightly addictive. The perfect sweet complement to the salt in cheese.

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