Beehive Cheese Assortment

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The Beehive Cheese Company creamery sits at the mouth of Weber Canyon in a valley between the forested Wasatch Mountains in Northern Utah. All cheese made at Beehive Cheese is made from the creamiest milk in Utah and lovingly crafted into superior cheese. A lot of hand-rubbing is going on at Beehive resulting in absolutely wonderful, original cheese wheels and we are offering you an assortment of these creations (8 oz. per cheese), so you can judge for yourself.

Barley Buzzed - this cheese is rubbed with espresso and lavender - creamy texture with subtle notes of butterscotch and caramel (2x4 oz.)
SeaHive Cheese - a lovely balanced cheese, hand-rubbed with local honey and Redmond sea salt (2x4 oz.)
Big John's Cajun Cheese - creamy cheese with a mighty Cajun rub, and the only thing they want to reveal is that cayenne pepper is used instead of paprika (2x4 oz.)

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