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A curated selection of our favorite cheeses for baking, melting, and sharing that is best served hot! This set includes:

Harbison (5 oz.) - A cheesemonger's favorite. This small wheel of soft brie-like cheese gets wrapped in Vermont spruce bark for easy baking. Melt in the oven and use for sharing and dipping.
Halloumi (8.8 oz.) - This non-melting cheese is made with vegetarian rennet and sprinkled with mint. We guarantee this cheese won't seep through the grill racks!
Bread Cheese (10 oz.) - Bread Cheese is a firm cheese with a distinctive 'squeaky' sound when eaten, also known as 'Juustoleipa' from its Finnish roots. A rich, milky cheese that holds its form when cooked, making it perfect for warming and serving in slices.
Schellen Bell (6 oz.) - This bold and savory Swiss cheese ages to perfection. With a firm bite and full flavor, this cheese is perfect for melting over bread or grilling. It's floral, creamy, and assertive in taste.

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