Big Four Blue Cheese Assortment

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Our Big Four Blue Cheese Assortment features four outstanding kinds of blue cheese from four European countries: Cambozola from Germany, Gorgonzola from Italy, Blue Stilton from England, and Roquefort from France.

Cambozola Black Label - This well-liked blue cheese tastes like a combination of Camembert and Gorgonzola. Its use of triple cream makes this soft-ripened cheese delectably smooth. (8 oz.)
Gorgonzola Dolce - Soft and spreadable. Traditionally, this cow's milk cheese is used in risotto and pasta but makes for a dreamy after-dinner treat. (7 oz.)
Blue Stilton - With only six creameries licensed to produce this cheese, it is one of the world's finest cheeses. This nutty, fruity cheese is best at room temperature and a must for cheese boards. (8 oz.)
Roquefort - Societe's Roquefort cheese is caved-aged for a minimum of ninety days. Its high moisture content makes for an incredible dessert cheese. (3.5 oz.)

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