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So many blue cheeses, so many choices, so many combinations possible. Our European Blue Cheese collection varies in origin, color, flavor, sharpness or texture.

Danish Blue or Danablue has a milk white paste with very blue veins and a irregularly distributed holes. It is semi-soft, a little crumbly and has a distinctively sharp and salty flavor (8 oz.)
Fourme d'Ambert is an ancient French gourmet cheese from the Auvergne region and is made with raw cow's milk. The cheese is firm, has an ivory color with greenish-blue veining. It has an interesting aroma of roasted nuts and a fruity flavor (8 oz.).
Blue Stilton from the UK. The texture is firm and creamy, but also slightly crumbly. The flavor is sharp and quite distinctive (8 oz.).
The German Cambozola Black Label is a creamy combination of the grey mold rind, with a consistency of a Camembert with the blue veins like a Gorgonzola (8 oz.).

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