Brie Sampler

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The Brie family is one of the most adored in the world of cheese. Typically mild and buttery, these cheeses are easy to eat, pair, and enjoy. This collection features five different types of brie-like cheeses. This is a great side-by-side comparison who those who want to become more literate in the differences between these styles.

Our Brie Sampler contains the following:
Fromage de Meaux 8 oz. - as close to true French brie as we can get in the U.S. This pasteurized version is made just the same as “Brie de Meaux” except for the milk treatment.
Robiola 8.8 oz. - Northern Italy’s traditional cheese. Robiola Bosina is traditionally made with mixed milks: cow, goat, sheep or all three. A delicate rind encases an oozy delight.
Couronne Double-Cream Brie 8 oz. - Richer than a regular brie, this double-cream has double the richness for double the fun. Buttery and silky, with smoother flavors of cream and mushrooms.
Mt. Tam Triple Cream 8 oz. - This is brie at its most creamy. Three times the richness of regular brie means this Mt. Tam is divinely buttery.

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