Cave-Aged Cheese Collection

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Aging cheese in caves is an ancient tradition which takes more work and therefore indicates a cheesemaker who is willing to slow down to develop deeper flavor. While being aged, cheeses are influenced by the temperature, humidity and atmosphere around them. These cheeses provide complex flavors and have an earthy element, including flavors of wet stone.

Our Cave-Aged Collection contains the following:
Cave-Aged Emmentaler 8 oz. - One of the world’s most recognizable cheeses has been imitated and reproduced endlessly. Unfortunately, most imitations are not made the traditional way and aged in caves. This one is, and you'll taste the difference.
Karst Cave Aged Cheddar 8 oz. - A complex alpine-inspired cheddar from Vermont’s rural Northeast Kingdom. Truly delicious with flavors of earth, cream and stone.
Schellen Bell 6 oz. - A savory bold cheese made in the Switzerland and aged to perfection. The texture is firm and perfectly meltable. The flavors are rich and meaty.
Roquefort Papillon Black Label 8 oz. - This cheese practically invented cave-aged. One of the oldest cheeses on record, which gets is classic blue caverns from the caves in France where it ages. The quintessential cave-aged cheese.

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