Champagne Pairing Assortment

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Enjoy a quality Champagne wine with a quality gourmet cheese and you'll have a winner on your hands. Champagne are a wonderful match. In general bubbles go really well with oily, salty dishes; they bring out its fruitiness and freshness. Since many cheeses are delightfully rich and salty, they make a perfect pair. Our Champagne Pairing Assortment has richness and saltiness; bloomy, blue, hard and semi-soft with aroma.

Double Gloucester Cheese (8 oz.)- a traditional British cheese, full fat with a smooth and buttery texture and a rich, nutty yet mellow flavor.
Emmentaler Cheese (8 oz.) - the king of Swiss cheese is firm yet supple, and offers a nutty flavor with slight acidity and just a hint of herbs.
Gorgonzola Dolce (8 oz.) - a smooth and spreadable buttery Italian cheese with a pale-white paste with intermittent veins of blue.
Triple Creme Brie (8 oz.) - a creamy paste, slightly sweet flavor and a velvety white rind that provides a delicate, tangy finish of this California brie.

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