Gourmet Cheese Gift Box for Him

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This collection features four cheeses with a masculine element. Whether it's the addition of ale, bold spiciness of blue cheese, or the strength of an aged gouda, these cheeses will delight anyone who likes bold flavors.

This group makes a wonderful gift and includes:

AleHouse Cheddar (7 oz.) - an ale aroma and a flavor that balances nuts, hops and sweet notes are produced by this delicious Vermont Cheddar.
Roquefort Societe (8 oz.) - one of the best known French cheeses - strong in flavor - clear blue veins and a super combination with his favorite drink.
Reypenaer (7 oz.) - one of the best Gouda's ever just a year old, but already with a matured taste.
Feta (7 oz.) - Greece's most popular cheese: salty and sharp, moist and crumbly.
Chipotle Cheddar (8 oz.) - an aged cheese with a smoky and slightly spicy punch that we love!

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