Colorful Cheese Assortment

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They say we eat with our eyes first. When it comes to an enticing-looking snack, a bit of color does wonders to stir up excitement. This assortment is made of brightly-hued cheeses with contrasting colors. A spectrum of various flavor profiles is represented, but they all go beautifully together.

Our Colorful Cheese Assortment contains the following:

Mimolette Cheese - An iconic cheese from France that's hard to miss. Bright orange, firm, and salty with notes of butterscotch. Similar in flavor to cheddar or aged gouda.
Special Reserve Extra Sharp Cheddar - Tillamook's extra aged, extra snappy cheddar from Oregon. Robust and satisfying.
Shropshire Blue Cheese - The cheese has a well-balanced subtle “blue” flavor, with earthy notes created by the natural rind.
Grafton 2 Year Old Cheddar - As cheese ages, its flavors deepen. This Vermont cheddar shows just how complex and bold a cheddar can be after two years.

We added a box of Cranberry Pumpkin Seed Crisps to complement the assortment.

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