English Cheese Board

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Cheese is a prominent part of British cuisine and for good reason. This rich comforting food is perfect for hearty dishes in cold weather, ideal with beer, and a product of good dairy land, of which England has plenty. We’ve assembled four quintessential British cheeses which represent some of the nation’s favorites. Try serving with some onion jam, thick bread, and a beer for the full experience. 

This cheese collection contains the following four cheeses:

Huntsman Cheese (8 oz.) - Double Gloucester layered with Blue Stilton. A match made in heaven.
Aged Red Leicester (8 oz.)- a cheddar-type cheese from Leicester aged for 6 months in cloth. This makes a hard and flavorful orange cheese with a slightly sweet caramelized flavor.
Cooper's Hill Cheese (8 oz.)- a cheddar-type British cheese called Double Gloucester blended with chopped onions and chives.
Windsor Red (8 oz.)- a mild cheddar cheese blended with a mix of port and brandy.

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