Fine Cheese From Britain

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Four traditional cheeses make up this British collection. Use this group to build a ploughman’s lunch, bar snack, or elevated British cheese board. Likewise send to the Brit-lover in your life. 

This collection contains:

Blue Stilton (8 oz.) - British's famous blue cheese with a lovely creamy ivory color with well-spread blue veining growing from the center outward. The aroma is sharply nutty and the flavor is full of mellow nuts and fruit.
Cheshire (8 oz.) - Similar to cheddar, but moister, milder, and crumblier.
Wensleydale with Cranberries (8 oz.) - This naturally-sweetened cheese is one of the oldest cheeses in England. Spread on crackers or crumble on a baby spinach salad.
Double Gloucester (8 oz.) - Cheddar with a twist. This classic British cheese is less sharp and pairs well with sausage and potatoes.

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