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Fresh cheeses are eaten shortly after production, essentially skipping the aging process. Almost every cheese-eating region has its version of fresh cheese. These five types of cheese are amongst the best. They are mild, versatile, and perfect for everyday or special occasions.

Use this collection to stock up on high-quality cheese.
Ricotta (16 oz.) - This Italian cheese is cloud-like and classic. Enjoy as a cannoli stuffing, lasagna ingredient, or mixed with fruit.
Robiola Bosina (8.8 oz.) - A delicate cheese with a milky, rich flavor balanced by salt. Due to its blend of cow and sheep milk, the Robiola runs once cut. Try this two-milk cheese alongside toasted bread, roasted tomatoes, or Prosecco.
Mascarpone (8 oz.) - When fresh cheese becomes silky and rich. This delectable cheese is smooth and perfect for desserts.
Honey Lavender Fromage Blanc (5 oz.) - An easy-spreading cheese with a clean flavor. Nettle Creek Dairy adds a touch of honey and lavender to this for a delicious flavor combination.
Smoky Mountain Round (5 oz.) - This fresh Chevre cheese from Goat Lady Dairy is aged for a short period and lightly smoked over applewood chips. The result is an outstanding cheese that you will love.

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