Gouda Cheese Quartet

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Though the gouda family includes members of many types and styles, aged goudas are among the more popular of this group. Aged goudas feature hard textured cheese full of tiny crystals which develop during ageing. These crystals (made of protein) create a wonderful texture that’s chewy and slightly crispy. 

The flavors are usually sharp, bold and combined with a sweet caramelized note. 

This collection features four aged goudas like this. A perfect assortment for the aged gouda lover, or someone who wants to try four different aged goudas from different cheesemakers. 

Prima Donna Cheese (8 oz.) - A gouda inspired by Italian cheeses like Parmigiano Reggiano. 

Vincent Cheese (7 oz.) - A Dutch cow’s milk cheese from a northern part of Holland, called Friesland. Mature, fruity and full-bodied. 

Rembrandt Cheese (8 oz.)- An aged gouda like a work of art, hence the name. 

Reypenaer Cheese (7 oz.)- an impressive aged gouda from the highly respected Reypenaer producer. Aged 1 year. 

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