Grass-Fed Cheese Collection

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Not all cheese taste equally and a large part of how you experience the flavor is influenced by how the cows are fed. Cheese made from grass fed cows have a more complex flavor; a flavor that translate the 'terroir' of the cheese. Terroir is the location, the microclimate environment in which the cows live. This grass-fed cheese collection has all the characteristics of different styles of cheese, all made milk from grass-fed cows.

Our Grass-Fed Collection contains the following:
Mt. Tam 8 oz. - A Californian organic original triple-creme brie. Cows roam the North Bay's lush green and gold pastures.
North Sea 8 oz. - A Danish gouda-style cheese that is aged in a facility that is directly connected with the salty winds coming off the North Sea. This organic cheese melts well and offers buttery, grassy flavors.
McCalls 6 Month Grassfed Cheddar Cheese 7 oz. - If there is one country that is lush and green, it is Ireland. This McCalls cheddar is aged for 6 months and a great example of a grass-fed cheese and great on sandwiches or any warm dish.
Hickory Grove 8 oz. - a rich, buttery flavor, lacy, smooth texture, and melts beautifully. Hickory Grove is a washed rind monastery-style cheese with just a hint of funkiness.

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