Great American Cheddars Sampler

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So many great cheddars from so many great American artisanal cheese makers that selecting four for a cheese sampler is not that difficult; it's hard to go wrong. Our Great American Cheddars Sampler is just an example of 4 out of many favorites.

Flagship (7 oz.) - from Washington State, this cheddar is only aged for 1 year and already a uniquely robust with a nutty flavor. A wonderful cheese that you will enjoy on your sandwiches or in your recipes.
Clothbound Cheddar by Cabot (8 oz.) - made in Vermont and aged in a traditional method; the clothbound aging process, by wrapping the cheddar cheese in muslin. This cheese has a crumbly texture and nutty aroma, with a rustic crystalline texture that becomes creamy on the palate.
Apple Smoked Cheddar Cheese (8 oz.) - a young Wisconsin white cheddar that is hand-rubbed with paprika and lightly apple smoked. The cheddar has a mild flavor that acts as a pleasant base for the sweet and smoky additions.
Prairie Breeze Cheddar (8 oz.) - a Iowa twist on a well-aged white cheddar style cheese, aged for a minimum of 9 months. It's crumbly yet creamy with a little crunch from the calcium crystals developed during the aging process and it melts beautifully. It is perfect on its own, in homemade mac and cheese or next to apple pie.

We also added a jar of Mango Chutney for Cheese - a traditional Major Grey style chutney and a great accompaniment to cheddar cheese.

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