Greek Feta Cheese Assortment

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When you think of Greek cheese, feta often comes to mind. Feta is traditionally made from sheep's milk and stored in brine. Its tangy profile is prominent in Greek dishes like Spanakopita or alongside olives. Our Greek Feta Cheese Assortment offers three well-known fetas:

Feta Marinated in Olive Oil - This barrel-aged feta ages for three months before being marinated in olive oil and seasoned with oregano. Although this marinated cheese is not as tangy, it has a full-bodied flavor.
Barrel-aged Feta - Everybody knows feta. The barrel-aged feta has a more complex and rich flavor as it gets stored in wooden barrels. Great in salads or to fill vegetables and olives. The cheese can be baked, crumbled, or cubed. Eat it at room temperature to experience the creamy and slightly tangy flavor.
Mt Vikos Feta Cheese - This brine-aged feta gets made by a family dairy in central Greece. It uses fresh milk from sheep and goats for peak flavor.

We added an Artichoke Spread and a package of Stuffed Grape Leaves to complete the assortment.

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