Grilling Cheese Assortment

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It may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about grilling, but some cheeses won't drip through the racks. Other cheeses are great melters that pair well with your grilled burger.

We selected the following grilling cheeses:

Halloumi (8 oz.) - The best cheese to grill - ever. This Cyrus cheese gets made with a mixture of cow, goat, and sheep milk. Its defining characteristic is that is doesn't melt when heated. It's truly something to try!
Cotswold (8 oz.) - This cheddar-like cheese is a Double Gloucester with onions and chives. Also known as pub cheese, the cheese gets served in pubs alongside toast or rustic bread.
Bread Cheese (10 oz.) - A Finnish cheese made in the USA, also known as Juustoleipa. Like the Halloumi, Bread Cheese does not melt. Enjoy with honey, lemon, or dunked into coffee as the Finnish do.
Original Blue Cheese (6 oz.) - A medium-strong cheese is creamy and dense with tangy tart flavor that lingers on the palate. Notes of fresh milk, sour cream and lemon are mouthwateringly delicious.

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