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As far as cheese is concerned, the Dutch are known for their Gouda Cheese - a type of cheese that is named after the City of Gouda. The name Gouda is not a protected name, so many Gouda cheese are manufactured outside The Netherlands. Our Handful of Dutch cheese are all made in Holland and vary greatly in their appearance, texture and flavor.

Edam Cheese (9 oz.) - this traditional Dutch cheese has a mild, creamy paste and a signature red rind. With it's delicate, buttery taste, this cheese is highly sought after around the world. 
Reypenaer (8 oz.) - a great example of an award winning Gouda cheese. Aged for just a year, but already very flavorful.
Goat Gouda (7 oz.) - Gouda cheeses are usually made from cow's milk, but the Dutch are also making round wheels from goat's milk. This goat gouda is firm with sweet flavor notes of caramel. 
Vincent (8 oz.) - this mild gouda cheese is aged for just 26 weeks which produces a mild but fruity flavor that goes well with just about anything, and is the recipient of many awards.

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