Handful of French Cheese

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When creating a French collection of cheeses, you have a lot of choices. From hard to soft, from stinky to mild, from blue to white and everything in between. This Handful of French Cheese offers a alpine-style cheese, a hard, a blue and white soft-ripened triple cream cheeses:

Comte - (8 oz.) very close to the Swiss Gruyere in aroma and flavor. It is slightly creamier and has a more floral aroma. Aged for 12 months.
Mimolette - (8 oz.) - a very interesting and delicious cheese. Not know to many people, but once you've tried it, we believe you will come back for more. The cheese is chewy, salty and breaks better than it slices.
Bleu d'Auvergne - (8 oz.) an aromatic blue cheese from the Auvergne region. It's creamy cheese with a thin rind and dots of green-blue veining all over the paste.
Saint Andre - (7 oz.) this little gem looks like a velvet button. It's triple cream, has a bloomy white rind, that feels and looks like velvet and flavor is rich, rich and rich.

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