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There are many way to celebrate the season of spring; we like to do it with cheese. Goats and sheep aren't producing milk year round because they aren't breeding year round. They only produce milk from early spring until late summer. The cheeses in this collection all have their own affinity with Spring.

Lamb Chopper Cheese – The names gives it away; lamb ... A cheese with a buttery color, smooth texture, and it's mild on the palate. Aged for just 3 months.
La Tur Cheese – A cute little cheese, made from a mix of cow, goat, and sheep milks. Small and wrinkly in very young, so it has a thin edible rind. A light cheese that's both dense, yet fluffy, yet oozy; a scoop of ice cream; decadent and melting from the outside in.
Honey Lavendar Fromage Blanc – If Spring was a cheese, this would be it. Goat's milk has been gently ushered into light fluffy cheesedom, and seasoned with honey and floral notes of lavender. Fresh, tangy, and sweet.
Spanish Orange Blossom Honey – Honey and young cheese always go together well. This Spanish honey is comes from bees enjoying only orange blossoms. The result is a delicate floral honey with hints of citrus.
Castelvetrano Olives – A verdant green plump olive with a buttery rich taste.
Original Wafer Crackers – Thin and crunchy, yet neutral. These are light enough to let the toppings shine.

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