International Blue Cheese Assortment

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Our International Blue Cheese Assortment has distinct cheeses that vary in taste, texture, and country of origin. This assortment is perfect for the connoisseur or newbie.

Danish Blue (8 oz.) - This cow's milk cheese has the traditional earthy, salty, and tangy elements of blue cheese. It is lovely crumbled on salads or spread on crackers.
Fourme d'Ambert (8 oz.) - Have you ever had an ancient cheese? This French cheese has existed for thousands of years, dating back to the Middle Ages. Its earthy, buttery, and slightly spicy notes shine with red wine.
Huntsman (8 oz.) - A union of English classics. Blue Stilton, a traditional blue cheese, and Double Gloucester, a beloved cheddar-like cheese, combined to make the Huntsman. This combination of cheese has a nutty, spicy, and tangy profile. Serve alongside beer and ales.
Original Blue (6 oz.) - This California-made cheese is the perfect introduction to blue cheese. Its balanced, milder flavor is easier on the palate than bolder blue cheeses.

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