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Living on an island may be for some living in isolation, and for others it is a lifetime wish. One thing is certain, island life will affect the way people and animals live and it will certainly influence the cheese of the animals that produce the milk. There is influence from the air, the salty sea wind as well as from the ground; there is limited influence from other vegetation. The influence of the environment is call the terroir.

This Cheese Collection contains cheeses from the following islands:
Sardinia - Mitica Sardo 8 oz. - An island with more sheep than people, so herding sheep was traditionally one of the main professions. Mitica Sardo is a semihard sheep's milk cheese - a pecorino; often grated, but also a perfect snack.
Canary Islands - The Smokin' Goat 8 oz. - A lightly smoked goat cheese is made on Fuerteventura, one of the Canary Islands. It comes in small wheels, mild in flavor and relatively elastic in texture.
Cyprus - Halloumi 8.8 oz. - The cheese of choice if you like grilling and especially when you like to show grilling marks. This cheese will not melt. It will stay in one piece and becomes simply delicious as a vegetarian meat replacer, as a dessert with honey or grilled and chopped in a salad.
Ireland - Truly Grass-Fed Cheddar 7 oz. - A 6 months old flavorful cheddar cheese made in Ireland. Happy cows with a possible brogue wander the foggy fields and enjoy the tenderest of green grass, which makes for a dynamic cheese.

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