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Can you imagine living on an island? For many, it's a dream come true. On an island, you'll likely eat foods influenced by its local environment. These influences can range from the soil quality to the amount of salt in the water. For cheesemakers, a habitat can impact milk-producing animals and cheese characteristics. For instance, an area with salty sea wind may manufacture cheeses with a salty finish.

This Cheese Collection contains cheeses from the following islands:
Sardinia - Mitica Sardo 8 oz. - Sardinia is an island with more sheep than people. As you can imagine, herding sheep and sheep's milk cheese is common. Mitica Sardo is a semi-hard sheep's milk cheese or pecorino cheese. This type of cheese is often grated but can be eaten whole as a snack.
Canary Islands - The Smokin' Goat 8 oz. - This goat cheese gets smoked in Fuerteventura, an island that makes up Spain's Canary Islands. Its mild flavor and elastic texture are a crowd-pleaser.
Cyprus - Halloumi 8.8 oz. - The cheese of choice if you like grilling. This cheese will not melt and will stay in one piece. It is delicious as a vegetarian meat replacement or paired with honey for dessert cheese.
Ireland - McCall's 6 Month Grassfed Cheddar 7 oz. - McCall's Irish Cheddar gets made with the milk of grass-fed cows. Its semi-grassy and tangy taste is reminiscent of Ireland's vast grasslands.

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