Italian Cheese Board

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The Italian cuisine is known for many great dishes and it's so much more than pasta, risotto and pizza. Cheese plays an integral part in the Italian cuisines and our Italian Cheese Board will reflect that. Four cheeses that you can enjoy with your favorite drink or use in creating your Italian-style dishes.

Parmigiano Reggiano (8 oz.) the real deal. A perfect cheese that you need to have in your fridge at all times. Don't forget that this cheese is not only a great grater, but also a perfect companion to a nice glass of wine.
Sharp Provolone Cheese (8 oz.) made here in the US. Aged for 7 months to develop a sharp flavor. Another Italian kitchen staple.
Gorgonzola Dolce (7 oz.) a mild blue cheese that is almost spreadable and often referred to as sweet Gorgonzola. Use it in a cheese sauce or melt in on pasta, on roasted vegetables in a cheese fondue or simply served in a cheese board like this one.
Ricotta Salata (8 oz.) a firm and moist sheep's milk cheese, tangy and mild. Not your average 'ricotta', it's great on a cheese board, paired with honey or fresh fruit like melon. 

(Cheese Board not included).

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