Pimento Lover's Kit

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This iconic cheese spread has been delighting casual and gourmet eaters alike for over 100 years. A true American original: shredded firm cheese is mixed with red peppers, mayonnaise and spices to make a spread that's hard to put down. One of the best ways to eat Pimento cheese is with a little pepper jelly on top. The peppers in the cheese and jelly complement each other, creating a symphony of sweet and salty, peppery bliss. This collection has two different pimento cheeses, a jar of pepper jelly, and crackers to hold it all together.

Pimento Cheese by Sweetgrass Dairy – An award-winning Pimento cheese made by Sweetgrass Dairy, using their bestselling Thomasville Tomme; mixed with mayonnaise, piquillo peppers, and spices. It is addictive.
Pimento Spread by New Bridge – Classic pimento cheese made with a cheddar cheese base.
Pepper Jelly – Sweet and tangy, made with red and green peppers. It's not hot, but has an acidic kick. A great pairing for most cheeses.
Sea Salt Mediterranean Crackers – Crispy and sturdy, these organic salted crackers are delicious alone, or as a vehicle to enjoy a spreadable cheese.

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