Port Wine Cheese Board

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Port is a fortified red or white wine made from grape varieties that grow specifically in Northern Portugal. Port wine ages in cellars and may taste sweet, dry, or complex.

Port is usually enjoyed before or after dinner. It pairs best with blue cheese and aged cow's milk cheese. Our Port Wine Cheese Board has two of each item:

Gorgonzola Dolce (8 oz.) - An Italian blue cheese on the milder side. This tangy cheese is used in risotto, pasta, and desserts.
Clothbound Cheddar by Cabot (8 oz.) - A natural-rind cheddar with a balanced flavor. It has layers of nutty, fruity, and buttery notes.
Midnight Moon (8 oz.) - A goat's milk cheese that ages for at least a year, resulting in brown butter and caramel notes.
Baby Blue Cheese (8 oz.) - Unlike many blue cheeses, Baby Blue is known for its mild flavor and salted caramel finish. This fudge-textured cheese is perfect with Port wine after dinner.

This assortment comes with a package of French Mini Toast.