Raclette for 2 Kit

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What better way to stave off the cold than with hot bubbling cheese? This kit includes everything you need for a two-person trip to the Alps, including a Boska “Partyclette ToGo”, which is a mini table-top raclette machine. Simply slice the cheese, and let it melt on the platform over the tealight candles. When the cheese is melted, tilt the platform and let hot cheese slide onto your crackers, meats, and veggies. Garnish with mustard and pickles to balance out the richness of the cheese.

This kit includes both French and Swiss versions of the cheese, so you can compare the two. You can also expand upon this kit by adding bread, potatoes, and more. Raclette is a “choose your own adventure” meal, so light the candles, pour your favorite beverage, and build your favorite plate.

Boska "Partyclette ToGo" – A mini version of a raclette machine. Place a slice of raclette on top, light the candles, and watch it melt. The ideal size for about 2 people.
Swiss Raclette (1 lb.) – With the flavors of cream and grass, this slightly funky cheese is delicious hot or cold.
Schellen Bell (6 oz.) – Floral, creamy and assertive. A raw cow's milk and aged for 10 months in caves in the Alpine region in Switzerland.
Sliced Prosciutto Italiano – Salty, savory cured Italian ham, sliced paper-thin. The lightness of each slice is ideal for pairing with other rich foods and layering with melted cheese.
French Cornichons – The classic pairing for raclette. These tiny pickles are perfect size and flavor for a bite of raclette. Their acidity complements the richness of the cheese. You might find a pearl onion or two in the jar.
Marinated Mushrooms – Mushrooms are a classic vegetable accompaniment with raclette. Cheesy soft mushrooms yes please.
Dill Pickle Mustard – Mustard is a classic guest on a raclette table. This one from Terrapin Ridge Farms is smooth Dijon with a dill pickle kick. Excellent with cheese, bread, potatoes, meats and more.
French Mini Toasts - these perfect little square toasts are just the thing for making bites of raclette.

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