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In the snowy Alps, thriving in cold weather is an art. In this case, edible art. A classic Winter food in the Swiss and French Alps, “Raclette” focuses on slow, social enjoyment of the richest soul-warming foods. Center stage: hot bubbling cheese, also called “raclette”. (The name refers to both the cheese itself, and the dish). This meal is a "build your own" adventure. Each bite can be different: layer cheese, bread, veggies, or meat, balanced with the salty tang of pickles and mustard. This party bundle includes all those components and more, so pour some wine or beer, gather your loved ones, and let the merrymaking begin.

Quarter Wheel of Swiss Raclette (approx 3 lbs.) – The star of the show. This quarter wheel can be placed whole on a raclette machine for scraping, or sliced to melt on smaller models. With the flavors of cream and grass, this slightly funky cheese is delicious hot or cold.
Sliced Prosciutto Italiano – Salty, savory cured Italian ham, sliced paper-thin. The lightness of each slice is ideal for pairing with other rich foods and layering with melted cheese.
Smoked Beef Summer Sausage – A versatile pairing: slice thin for a salami feel, or thicker for that fresh sausage texture. All-beef, smoked over applewood chips. A great salty savory complement to raclette.
French Cornichons – The classic pairing for raclette. These tiny pickles are perfect size and flavor for a bite of raclette. Their acidity complements the richness of the cheese. You might find a pearl onion or two in the jar.
Marinated Mushrooms – Mushrooms are a classic vegetable accompaniment with raclette. Cheesy soft mushrooms yes please.
Hot and Sweet Peppadews – A little hot, a little sweet. These zesty sweet peppers are great to pair or on their own. Their bright hue also adds a pop of color to the table.
Dill Pickle Mustard – Mustard is a classic guest on a raclette table. This one from Terrapin Ridge Farms is smooth Dijon with a dill pickle kick. Excellent with cheese, bread, potatoes, meats and more.
French Mini Toasts – A mini version of a slice of toast. Crunchy and idea for scooping up hot cheese.

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