Raw Milk Cheese Sampler

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Before 1862, cheese was made with raw milk since pasteurization wasn't invented. Since then, industrial dairying has made pasteurization the norm. However, some cheesemakers have preserved the joys of raw milk by handling their dairy with ultimate care to produce cheese with more complex and intense flavors.

Our Raw Milk Sampler contains the following:

Comte 12 Month (8 oz.) - It's raw by law. Comte's production is so traditional and sacred to France and the European Union that its age-old techniques are required by law. This French version of Gruyere is a flavorful mountain cheese and France's most-eaten cheese. You know it must be good.

Idiazabal (8 oz.) - A long-established Spanish cheese that is lightly smoked, as traditional shepherds used to do. This cheese is similar to Manchego and perfect for those who already like Manchego.

Coppinger (8 oz.) - This raw milk cheese is made in the Tennessee mountains and aged until smooth. It has a mild flavor of smoky meat and grass. Truly an American masterpiece!

LaClare Raw Goat Cheddar (6 oz.) - This Wisconsin cheddar is made using mild goat milk. As it ages, its nutty flavor becomes more complex. Serve with Champagne or Belgium Lagers.

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