Sheep's Milk Cheese Assortment

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Sheep's milk cheese is not the most popular, but its milk produces delicious bold flavors. At the same time, it has earthy, savory, and sweet notes.

Try our Sheep Cheese Assortment, and you will not be disappointed:
Manchego 8 Months old: This traditional Spanish cheese has a has a sweet, candied undertone that contributes to its popularity.
Lamb Chopper: Cypress Grove's Lamb Chopper Cheese is a gouda-style cheese with a nutty flavor and slight sweetness. The California-made cheese is smooth and has a mild taste that pairs with porter beer.
Pecorino Romano: From the hills of central and southern Italy, this sheep's milk cheese has a white paste that is crumbly in texture. Its hints of nuttiness and lemon are tasteful in pasta carbonara and cacio e pepe.
Roquefort: This cave-aged blue cheese has a sweet, nutty flavor and sharp bitterness.

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