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Pairing sherry and cheese is hardly a novel concept, but most of us tend to stick with the red wine and cheese combination. There is a general rule in pairing cheese with sherry and that is: the stronger and sharper the cheese, the browner the sherry. We selected a variety of firm and hard cheeses for our cheese board:

Comte 12 months old - (8 oz.) A wonderful creamy and nutty Alpine-type cheese from France.
Manchego 8 months old - (8 oz.) This Spanish gourmet cheese has a firm, dry interior and a nutty, mellow flavor.
Mimolette - (8 oz.) A French cheese with an electric-orange paste has sweet, caramelized depth and smooth, fudgy finish. Inspired by Dutch Edam, this cheese has a rind as hard as Parmigiano.
Parmigiano Reggiano - (7 oz.) Dense and granular with gritty spires of crystallized proteins. The flavor symphony apt for a cheese lover.

Serve these cheeses with thin 2S Company wafer thin crackers. You only have to serve the cheese, open the bottle of sherry wine and you're all set (board and knife are not included).

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