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We can't talk about Vermont without mentioning the Northeast Kingdom. The Northeast Kingdom area of Vermont is known for its impeccable forestry that inspires local cheesemakers. If you visit, you have to check out the Vermont Cheese Trail!

Vermont is home to dozens of cheesemakers that expertly crafted some of the cheeses in this collection. Our Trip to Vermont collection offers some of the best cheeses from regional cheesemakers:

Grafton Village Two Year Aged Cheddar (8 oz.) - This raw milk cheddar gets aged for a more complex and intense flavor. If you're a fan of sharp cheese, this is one to try! It melts with an even body and full taste fit for hot sandwiches.
Harbison (5 oz.) - Cheesemakers at Jasper Hill made this fan-favorite cheese similar to brie. As the cheese becomes gooey and soft inside, a strip of Vermont spruce bark holds it in place. Its taste of wild mustard and wood pairs well with apple cider and crusty bread. Try it warm for ultimate bliss.
Bonne Bouche (4 oz.) - Vermont Creamery offers an ash-ripened, hand-ladled goat cheese reminiscent of the French Loire Valley's signature cheeses. The name says it all, 'Good Mouthful' describes this jewel.
Bayley Hazen Blue (8 oz.) - This blue cheese gets made in the rural Northeast Kingdom. You might not have cell reception there, but you will have a fabulous cheese like this one. As a medium blue cheese, it has an approachable flavor that is not sharp or sour. Its notes of butter and chocolate are fantastic with fruity red wine.

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