Valentine's Day Cheese Assortment

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Love is in the air. This collection is Cupid approved, from cheese to chocolate and wine, all the bases are covered. Included are:

Triple Cream La Bonne Vie Brie – From Wisconsin and made with pasteurized cow's milk and cream. This little delight is so rich, we like to say, “No need to eat it, you can just rub it right on!”
Merlot BellaVitano Cheese – Soaked in Merlot wine, this cheese sports a deep purple wine hue along with the taste and aroma of merlot. The texture is a cross of parmesan and cheddar, complimented by the rich, salty, savory flavor.
Honey Lavender Fromage Blanc – Translates to “White Cheese” in french, or is sometimes called "Farmer's Cheese". A very fresh, light, mild, spreadable cheese flavored with Honey and lavender flowers, this makes a wonderful pairing with fresh fruit, on toast, crepes or pancakes. A great savory treat or enjoyed right out the tub.
ChocoHigos – Hand dipped Fig in dark chocolate, spells amor. These are Family made in Valencia.
Original Wafer Crackers – surprisingly flavorful, yet thin and wisp like, so as not to overwhelm each taste, these are an excellent “Cheese Transportation Vehicle.” Use them for cheese, pate, dips or as a bread option with soup or pasta.

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