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Zinfandel wine is hard to pair cheese with online due to its complex nature: it can be dark and brooding or fresh and buoyant. Zinfandel can be confusing, but we have selected 4 kinds of cheese that pair just fine with a full-bodied Zinfandel.

Clothbound Cheddar (8 oz.) - As this clothbound cheese ages 10-12 months, it develops a subtle tang and caramel finish.
Reypenaer (4.9 oz.) - A Dutch gouda with a sharp and tangy flavor.
Manchego Cheese Aged 6 Months (8 oz.) - Manchego is the poster child for Spanish cheese. Its sweet, nutty flavor and distinctive zig-zag rind are well-liked on cheese boards.
Taleggio (8 oz.) - This stinky Italian cheese has a washed rind and is soft at room temperature. Its sweet taste and truffle finish pair with bold red wines.

(Cheese board not included)

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