Hand Braided Brioche

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French Brioche looks similar to a nicely shaped white bread, but it is a lot richer. It is made with lots of egg and butter and gives the bread a rich and tender crumb.

Just pop it in the oven and serve warm to see happy smiles all around the table as it is the perfect bread for the most mouthwatering French toasts or sandwiches.

Store this brioche in a dry and cool place. It has an extended shelf life of 28 days after thaw. We keep them frozen and ship them dry. It is not recommend to refreeze this Hand Braided Brioche.

Ingredients:wheat flour, eggs, sugar, butterfat (from concentrated butter), creme fraiche (cream, lactic acid bacteria), water, natural flavors, yeast, salt, mono- and diglycerides, acerola extract, beta carotene (color).
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