Mixed Berry Mini Beignets

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Light buttery authentic French beignets filled with mixed berries. Delicious mini bite size dessert perfect to compliment any party or special occasion.

Made in the North of France by Delices Des 7 Vallees, a family owned company founded in 1999, these beginets are made using a traditional French recipe and have a delightful mixed berry center.

Based on baker's yeast, the beignets undergo a rising process that helps them to obtain this well-rounded shape and to give them a light and airy texture.

Ingredients:unbleached unbromated wheat flour, mixed berry filling [fruit puree (raspberry, blueberry, blackberry), wheat glucose-fructose syrup, water, sugar, modified corn starch, natural flavor], vegetable oils (rapeseed oil, palm oil), water, eggs, sugar, butter, decoration (dextrose, wheat starch, palm fat), wheat gluten, yeast, salt, mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids, betacarotene (color), ascorbic acid (antioxidant), wheat malt.
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