Traditional Spanish Olive Oil Tortas

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These Traditional Olive Oil Tortas are made by hand in Seville, Spain. Each torta is flattened by hand, and wrapped in wax paper. These tortas are all natural, light, delicate and crisp, slightly sweet.

Try the Traditional Olive Oil Tortas as a change-of-pace pastry with your morning coffee or afternoon tea. Create a tasty tapas plate with Serrano Ham, Manchego cheese, Marcona almonds, olives, and, perhaps, a bit of fig spread. Serve with a scoop of coffee ice cream and toasted almonds. Pair with fresh chevre and a dollop of fig jam or apricot & almond spread.

Each package contains 6 delicious snacks, hand-wrapped in wax paper.

Ingredients:wheat flower, extra virgin olive oil, water, sugar, aniseed, salt, sesame seeds, natural anise essence.
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