Artisan Joy Seeded Bread Loaf Gluten Free

Picture of artisan joy seeded bread loaf gluten free
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CountryUnited Kingdom
Non GMOYes

New from the expert bakers at Genius, this Wonder seeded loaf is packed with nutrient value! A great source of vitamins, minerals and pre-biotics, this bread is also high in fiber, and non-GMO. With a crisp, crunchy crust married with a soft, fluffy center, you won't believe that is is completely gluten free! Made with sunflower, linseed, flax and poppy seeds, you'll love the delightful rich flavor. 

Ingredients:water, starches (potato, corn, tapioca), seeds (17%) (linseed, sunflower, millet, flaxseed, poppy), rice flour, chicory root fiber, rapeseed oil, contains 2% or less of: psyllium husk, vegetable glycerin, yeast, bamboo fiber, egg white, modified cellulose, black treacle, iodized salt (salt, potassium iodate), fermented corn starch, xanthan gum. vitamins & minerals: calcium carbonate, niacin, iron, riboflavin, thiamin, folic acid.
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