Blue Stilton Cheese

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Wedge, weight: 8 ounces
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Wedge, weight: 1 pound
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CountryUnited Kingdom
Pasteurized MilkYes
Vegetarian RennetYes

Blue Stilton or just Stilton is England's only name-protected cheese. The name-control law stipulates that the cheese can only be manufactured in a specific area with milk from that area. Recipe and aging guidelines are laid down by the Stilton Cheese Makers' Association. The finished product is however not controlled and therefore Stilton's of various qualities can be found.

The interior of our high quality Blue Stilton is crumbly when young, softening and darkening at the rind as it matures. It is a lovely creamy ivory color with well-spread blue veining growing from the center outward. The aroma is sharply nutty and the flavor is full of mellow nuts and fruit. The flavor strengthens as it matures. Blue Stilton cheeses are drum shaped with a thick, hard crust which is usually grayish-brown and slightly wrinkled with whitish powdery patches.

Blue Stilton is a versatile and easy to use ingredient in a variety of starters and main courses - a little goes a long way. Blue Stilton is best served at room temperature and is a must for any gourmet cheese board and you will not be disappointed this award winning cheese is worth it.

We cut and wrap this cheese in wedges of 8 ounces and 1 pound.

Ingredients:Pasteurized cow's milk, salt, microbial rennet, starter cultures (milk), mold culture (pencillium Roqueforti).