American Bowfin Caviar

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American Black Bowfin Caviar is a genuine Black Caviar derived from the Bowfin Fish in Louisiana. Commonly referred to as Choupique Caviar or Cajun Caviar. The Bowfin is not a sturgeon, but is a very old fish as well.

This caviar is produced under the same Caspian Technique that has been handed down for generations and is processed fresh upon harvest. It is caught wild and processed under the guidance of the FDA in an inspected and pristine laboratory facility on the bayou of Louisiana State.

The Bowfin Pearl is small and jet black in color. The Flavor of this Caviar is fresh with a distinct taste of the ocean and is now a very common Caviar used in top hotels and restaurants in large volumes for parties and brunch. Bowfin Caviar also further electrifies the simplest dishes with adding the gorgeous pearls as a garnish to any plate and accompanying it with amazing flavor found in this high quality American Bowfin Caviar.

1 oz. of caviar is 1-2 servings
Preparation: Fresh, Cured with Salt (Malossol)
Caviar Grade: A
Unopened shelf life refrigerated: 5 weeks
Storing: Only Refrigerated

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