Grey Mullet Bottarga

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Grey Mullet Bottarga is salted, cured roe from the grey mullet. Italians call it Bottarga di Muggine, the Japanes say Karasumi and in Greece it is called Avgoaracho.

Grey Mullet is a delicacy and most often seen in the Mediterranean cuisine. Bottarga is the egg sack that is removed from the fish with care; they are then salted and pressed in to the characteristic oblong shapes before drying. The end product has an amber to dark brown color and a firm and waxy texture. Finally, it is coated by natural bee's wax, which sufficiently preserves the product and its delicate taste during its shelf life, despite the low sodium content.

This Grey Mullet Bottarga is created by the Greek Company Trikalinos; a company that started Grey Mullet Bottarga production in 1856 in Etoliko, Western Greece.

International top chefs consider this delicacy one of the World's Best Products and in 2012 it received The International Taste and Quality Institute Superior Taste Award.

The Grey Mullet Bottarga is delicately flavored, unmistakably fishy but more subtle than the Tuna bottarga. Pair it with a fine wine, champagne, whiskey or sake.

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