Buffalo Mozzarella Log by BUF

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Approx. Weight: 9 oz.
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Pasteurized MilkYes
Vegetarian RennetYes
New from the artisan cheesemakers at BUF is this full size Buffalo Mozzarella Log.  Made with the finest Buffalo Milk, which is produced by the happiest buffalo in the world due to their free-range grazing on lush meadows and mountainsides in Colombia. Buf takes great care of their animals, providing for their every need, and the result shows in the delicious flavor of their products. 

This 9 ounce mozzarella log is the perfect size for slicing delicious rounds of fresh mozz for your margerhita pizza, caprese salad, or for sandwiches. Taste the difference between this and your regular store bought Mozzarella and you'll know right away why BUF creamery's products are the best!

Ingredients:pasteurized water buffalo milk, salt, natural ferments and vegetarian rennet.