Idyll Gris

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CountryUnited States
Pasteurized MilkYes
Animal RennetYes
Award WinnerYes

Michigan-made Idyll Gris (pronounced 'gree'), which is French for gray is an American beauty. This hand ladled goat cheese has a silvery vegetable ash lining under the white rind as well as a think layer of that ash in the middle of the cheese itself.

The goats at Idyll Farms are happy; they are humanely raised and handled and you will be happy to learn that this gourmet cheese is a multiple award winner at multiple international contests.

Idyll Gris is not very goaty in flavor, as goats have plenty of space and fresh wild food to enjoy.

Pair this stunning cheese with a tart fresh white wine or a fruity and bright rose.

Ingredients:Pasteurized goats milk, cultures, enzymes, vegetable ash, salt, animal rennet